Flasher Getting Brazen

The “Moundsville Flasher” is becoming more aggressive, police said.

At about 3:45 p.m. Monday, a woman called and told Moundsville police dispatchers her daughter had seen the flasher on Third Street near Cedar Avenue.

Officers arrived within a couple of minutes, but the man already had fled the scene. He has avoided capture since November.

Police said they did track footsteps in the snow about a block away from the sighting, but there were no further signs of the “flasher.”

According to police, the victim this time was a 14-year-old girl walking home from Moundsville Junior High School. Sgt. Don DeWitt said the girl had been walking along Third Street when a man standing between two buildings whistled to get her attention.

The girl told police that when she looked over, the man was exposing himself and started talking to her.

“This is the first time he has communicated with a victim,” DeWitt said. “He said some very sexually aggressive and obscene things to her.”

Officers are very concerned about the flasher’s change in behavior.

According to DeWitt, the verbal contact Monday is a sign that the man is becoming more aggressive.

“This little girl was extremely upset and scared,” DeWitt said. “For many people this has been considered funny, but there is nothing funny about it.

“We are taking this very seriously,” added DeWitt. “Some of these victims are children.”

Police have said that though most of the past descriptions have been similar, they have been somewhat “vague,” making it difficult to find suspects. Victims have been unable to describe more distinguishing features such as scars, facial features or even the man’s exact direction of travel, DeWitt said.

Police have received multiple tips from residents in the area and have followed up on all of them.

As of Tuesday afternoon, DeWitt said, police did not have any solid information to lead them to someone specific, but they do have leads they are following.

Monday night’s sighting is the ninth time the flasher has been reported to police. The first incident occurred Nov. 6 near Cedar Avenue, when two children reported a man exposing himself.

The man has been described by victims as being in his 20s and thinly built with black hair. He usually wears a ball cap to hide his face.

The Moundsville Police Department has added more patrols to the area where the man tends to appear, and officers are watching alleys and streets in the vicinity of the sightings.

Police are asking anyone who sees the “Moundsville Flasher” to immediately call 911. A sighting or other information also can be reported to the Moundsville Police Department at 304-845-1611.