Contributions Disclosed

WHEELING – Candidates for West Virginia’s 1st District congressional seat have filed required reports showing which individuals and businesses are contributing to their campaigns.

But the report submitted by Republican David B. McKinley fails to indicate the occupation and employer of the contributor in more than half of the listings.

There were 240 individuals who donated a total of $350,684 to McKinley’s campaign, and the occupation of the donor is listed for just 44 percent of them, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. A look at the report filed with the Federal Elections Commission shows many of those contributing to McKinley are well-known in the community.

Under “employer/occupation,” the words “information requested” are listed beside the names of some donors.

“The campaign is preparing technical corrections to the July 15 filing so that every occupation is listed,” said Steven Cohen, spokesman for McKinley’s campaign.

Judith Ingram, a spokeswoman for the FEC, said the agency will notify McKinley as to the need for more information on the filing.

“The campaign is to use their best effort to get something,” she said. “They will receive notification, and they should go back and get information. I can’t say whether he would be fined.”

Democratic candidate Mike Oliverio received a cumulative total of $708,118 from 261 individuals, and he met full disclosure requirements for 97 percent of the donors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Where an occupation was listed, health professionals were among those most contributing to McKinley, according to his campaign finance report. Those in the industry donated $14,155 to McKinley.

Those listing their occupation as “retired” contributed $12,269; lawyers and law firms, $9,076; realtors, $7,050; and leadership political action committees, $7,000.

Companies where individuals contributed the most were McKinley’s own McKinley Inc. at $6,550; People for Enterprise, Trade and Economic Growth, $5,000; Radiologist Associates, $4,400; Kepner Funeral Homes, $4,300; Mepco Finance Corp., $2,400; and Bailey, Riley, Buch and Harman, $2,376.

In-state contributions accounted for 81 percent of McKinley’s contributions, and out-of-state, 19 percent.

Oliverio works as a financial representative for the Northwest Mutual Financial Network, and those in the insurance industry were among the top contributors to his campaign. He received $28,450 from insurance employees.

Those in the finance industry contributed $18,800; those retired, $18,350; health professionals, $16,550; and those in the mining industry, $15,250.

Top contributors came from the Mepco Finance Corp. at $17,800; Northwestern Mutual at $16,050; MedExpress, $12,100; New York Life Insurance, $5,250; National Association of Home Builders at $5,000; and the National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors, $5,000.

Oliverio received 83 percent of his contributions from in-state sources and 17 percent from out of state.