Many Memories Of Happy New Years

WHEELING – Having New Year’s Day and baby pictures in The Intelligencer has become a family tradition in the Huff family.

Doug Huff, retired sports editor, fondly recalls when his son, Ryan, had his picture in the newspaper as the New Year’s Day baby in 1979. Now, the Huff family can add another New Year’s Day baby, as Ryan’s son, Kellan Patrick Huff – who is the same age Ryan was when he appeared in the newspaper 32 years ago – marks the start of 2011 as one of two New Year’s babies featured in today’s paper.

The son of Ryan and Megan Huff of Wheeling, Kellan was born May 4. Ryan Huff was born May 6, 1978.

The second New Year’s baby is Lily Tennant, the three-week-old daughter of Sarah Clark and Brandon Tennant. Clark is The Intelligencer’s online coordinator.

Huff, who was an associate sports editor for 12 years and sports editor for 20 years, said he has fond recollections of the time his son Ryan appeared in the newspaper on Jan 1, 1979, as the New Year’s baby. He said he can still remember when the photographer stopped by their Wheeling home.

The caption that appeared below Ryan Huff’s picture read “1978 now a memory, Ryan D. Huff is ready to uncork 1979. Ryan, the eight-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Huff of Wheeling, is ready to celebrate the new year and see what it has to offer. Ryan’s father is associate sports editor of The Intelligencer.”

“We can’t believe he is going to be a year old in a few months … We just can’t wait to watch him learn to walk …We just waited a long time for him, and he is such a joy,” Megan Huff said of Kellan.