Super Salaries In East Ohio Schools

MARTINS FERRY – School superintendents throughout eastern Ohio earn salaries ranging from $72,652 to $108,659, according to state Treasurer Josh Mandel.

These are but a sampling of the government employee salaries Mandel released on his website this week, as the site lists salaries for every public school employee – from the teachers to the secretaries to the administrators – in Ohio. It also reveals salary information for all state level employees and for some local and county level workers.

The site can be reached at

Visitors can plug in a first and last name to see the salary of a state worker, university professor or federal employee. They can also search by department or district, and salary history is also available.

Several school districts in eastern Ohio have struggled to stay solvent recently, especially Bellaire and Union Local, which have both eliminated several teaching positions over the past few years. Officials in Bellaire are again placing a levy on the ballot to try to gain more revenue from taxpayers.

As for the salaries of local superintendents, former Martins Ferry school chief Nick Stankovich earned $108,659 in 2010, according to Mandel’s records. New Superintendent Dirk Fitch’s salary is not listed on the site.

Based on the district’s total enrollment of 1,565 students, Stankovich earned about $69.43 per student during his last year on the job.

On the other end of the salary spectrum was former Indian Creek superintendent Mark Furda, who earned $72,652 in 2010. With a total enrollment of 2,215, Furda received $32.80 per student over the year. Current Superintendent John Rocchi’s salary is not listed.

Those superintendents at the schools with the lowest enrollments are earning the most per student. At Bridgeport, Superintendent Ted Downing got $101.84 per pupil in 2010, based on his $77,500 salary and enrollment of 761 students. Shadyside school head Terry Brinker gained $99.40 per student, while Toronto’s Fred Burns got $98.91 for every pupil.

In Barnesville, Superintendent Randy Lucas got $95,000 to oversee 1,132 students in 2010, landing him $83.92 per pupil. Union Local Superintendent Kirk Glasgow took home $55.26 for every student, while Bellaire’s Tony Scott earned $63.40 for every youth in his district.

At Buckeye Local, Superintendent Mark Miller received $42.08 per student, while Edison’s David Quattrochi took home $46.11 for every pupil.

Michael McVey, superintendent of Steubenville City Schools, gained $41.67 for each of the 2,252 students attending, or set to attend, the Big Red high school.

The largest school district in eastern Ohio, both in terms of enrollment and geographic area, is the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District in Monroe County. The district includes River, Beallsville and Monroe Central high schools. Switzerland Superintendent Larry Elliott took home $34.45 for every student in 2010.

In the Harrison Hills City School District, Superintendent George Ash Jr. got $50.14 for each of the 1,613 students in the district, based on his $80,876 salary.