Benwood Adding Business

BENWOOD – More new businesses are on the way to Benwood.

Michael Ferns Sr., president of A&B Kia, Xtreme Suzuki and Wyngate Development, confirmed he has finalized a contract with Dollar General for one of its stores to be located at the old Value City Furniture site next to A&B Kia in Benwood.

Ferns said he is excited about bringing a Dollar General to the Benwood community because it is known for being a “high-traffic business.” He said beginning Nov. 15, Dollar General will officially start moving into a section of the structure that once housed the old furniture store; however, Dollar General officials still haven’t provided him with a projected opening date.

“Dollar General brings the most people to a location. … They’re bringing in 1,000 people a week,” said Ferns. “I wanted a high-traffic business.”

Ferns believes a Dollar General will compliment the A&B car dealership and other business in that area of the city.

Ferns said his company has made several upgrades to the existing structure in anticipation of the new store, including a new floor plan, a new air conditioning system and an upgrade to the fire suppression system.

“They wanted an open floor plan, so we had to take out some bearing walls, which was major,” he said. “It’s practically all new.”

Ferns said business has been good for him in Benwood, and he plans to continue to grow more business in that area. He is currently making plans for several other businesses to be located at the same site as Dollar General by sometime next year. Among them will be a physical therapy-based clinic and a fast food restaurant that would be located just south of the Dollar General structure.

Ferns said Benwood Economic Committee co-chairmen Frank Longwell and Mayor Ed Kuca have been extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

“They have bent over backwards to get business here,” he said.

Longwell said Benwood officials are very happy about filling a spot at the Old Value City Furniture Store with a “rather large” Dollar General.

“We’re continuing to grow our shopping plaza in North Benwood … and we’re working real hard on our industrial park,” said Longwell. “Benwood has a bright future.”