Hancock County Tops Local Turnout

WEIRTON – Turnout for Tuesday’s primary election in the Northern Panhandle was highest in Hancock County, unofficial results indicate.

Hancock County officials reported a voter turnout of 34.6 percent, with 6,565 people casting ballots there. Voting reports indicate there are 23,455 registered voters in Hancock County.

Wetzel County had a turnout of 33.04 percent. A total of 4,176 cast ballots among 12,647 registered voters.

In Marshall County, 32.85 percent of registered voters cast ballots. There are 21,848 registered voters in the county, and 7,176 cast ballots.

Brooke County reported a turnout of 28.35 percent, with 5,765 casting ballots. The county has 20,333 registered voters.

Turnout in Ohio County was 26.4 percent. A total of 8,662 voters cast ballots among 32,762 registered voters.

Tyler County saw 24.4 percent turnout of its 6,092 registered voters. The total number of ballots cast was not available Wednesday.