RG Steel Plant In Upswing

YORKVILLE – Work at RG Steel’s finishing facility in Yorkville is on the rise, thanks to operational changes at the company’s Sparrow’s Point facility in Maryland.

The Yorkville plant is seeing a slight increase in monthly tonnage to be worked on locally. Officials noted it is not a fixed amount, but the trend is expected to continue through the end of the year.

RG Steel spokeswoman Betty Kovach confirmed the operational change, while noting the fluctuating number represents certain tinplate customer orders that will benefit the Yorkville plant for the immediate future.

President of United Steelworkers of America 1223 in Yorkville Jerry Connors confirmed the recent influx of work, but he noted it is not substantial enough to drive any change in the number of people employed at the local mill or to the number of employees on lay-off status.

Connors said the shift of the work to the local plant will not generate any new hires.

According to Connors, the average increase in monthly tons being moved through the Yorkville facility as a direct result of day-to-day changes at the Sparrows Point facility is about 6,000 tons.

“This is expected to continue through the end of the year,” said Connors. “We do the cold coat processing here, and then the steel goes to Ohio Coatings Co.”

The Ohio Coatings Co. facility is located just a short distance south of the Yorkville plant.

RG Steel is the nation’s fourth largest flat-rolled steel producer with annual steelmaking capacity of 7.5 million tons. Its steelmaking facilities are located in Sparrows Point, Md., Warren, Ohio, and Wheeling with additional finishing facilities in Yorkville and Martins Ferry.

In addition, RG Steel owns Wheeling Corrugating Co. and has a 50 percent interest in Mountain State Carbon and Ohio Coatings Co.