Familiar Messages As Democrats Meet

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Democrats attacked Republican Mitt Romney as a millionaire candidate for president who “quite simply doesn’t get it” and worse Tuesday, the opening night of a national convention aimed at keeping President Barack Obama in office despite high unemployment and national economic distress.

The unemployment rate currently stands at 8.3 percent – with new figures due at the end of the week. No president since World War II has won re-election with the jobless rate higher than 7.2 percent.

Obama “knows better than anyone there’s more hard work to do” to fix the sputtering economy, said San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the convention keynote speaker, sharing the prime-time spotlight with first lady Michelle Obama.

A parade of speakers hyped Obama’s support for abortion rights and gay marriage, for consumer protections enacted under his signature health care law and for the auto industry bailout he won from Congress in his first year in office.

“He said he’d take out bin Laden, and with our great SEAL team, he did,” declared former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine in one of several references to the military raid that ended the life of the terrorist mastermind behind the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The crowd cheered loudly when the subject turned – dismissively – to Romney.

“If Mitt was Santa Claus, he’d fire the reindeer and outsource the elves,” former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said.

After the deep recession, Castro said, the nation is making progress “despite incredible odds and united Republican opposition.”

He declared that 4.5 million jobs have been created since the president took office – though that number refers only to private sector employment gains over the past 29 months and leaves out state and local government jobs that continue to disappear each month.

Obama was back home in the White House after a campaign appearance in Virginia earlier in the day. He said he’d be watching on television when his wife spoke.

There was no end to the appeals for donations to his re-election campaign, falling further behind Romney in cash on hand with each passing month.

Polls show the race for the White House a tight one, almost certain to be decided in a string of eight or 10 battleground states where neither Obama nor Romney holds a clear advantage. There was ample evidence of an underperforming economy, highlighted by a report that said manufacturing activity declined for a third straight month.

Castro, the first Hispanic chosen to deliver a keynote address, was unsparing in assaulting Romney, suggesting the former Massachusetts governor might not even be the driving force on the GOP ticket this fall.

“First they called it ‘trickle down, the supply side,” he said of the economic proposals backed by Republicans. “Now it’s Romney/Ryan. Or is it Ryan/Romney?”

“Either way, their theory has been tested. It failed. … Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it,” Castro said. Romney’s running mate is Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The divide over taxes goes to the core of the campaign.

Romney and many Republicans favor extension of all of the existing Bush-era tax cuts due to expire on Dec. 31, and also want to cut tax rates 20 percent across the board.

Obama, too, wants to keep the existing tax cuts in place – except for people with earnings of $250,000 a year or more.

In the streets around the Democrat convention hall, police arrested 10 men and women who blocked an intersection in what they said was a protest of the nation’s immigration laws. The 10 said they were illegal immigrants.

Inside the arena, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was shown mocking Romney in a 1994 Senate race.

“On the issue of choice, I am pro-choice, my opponent is multiple choice,” the late senator said.

Romney supported abortion rights while serving as governor; he generally opposes them now.

Democrats unspooled insult after insult as they took their turn the week after the Republicans had their convention in Tampa, Fla.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said that Republicans had omitted mention of Romney’s term as Massachusetts governor at their gathering.

“We already knew this extremely conservative man takes some pretty liberal deductions. Evidently that includes writing off all four years he served as governor,” Quinn declared.

There was no shortage of political calculation behind the program of the convention’s first night – or for any other. Polls show the first lady is more popular than her husband.

Democrats bestow their nomination on Obama and Vice President Joe Biden tonight, when former President Bill Clinton delivers a prime-time speech aimed at voters disappointed with the results of the past four years.