Supporters Turn Out in Ohio

STEUBENVILLE – Voicing favor for free market economics and smaller government, supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney cheered on their candidate during his debate with President Barack Obama.

“We are for individualism and accountability – not socialism,” said Romney supporter Lynne Whatley while watching the debate at the Triple Play Cafe in Steubenville. “We believe in a free country with a small government. We need to get these oppressive regulations off of small business.”

However, in Bellaire, Obama supporters gathered at Flanagan’s to say they believe the president is doing a good job – and that they fear the consequences of a potential Romney presidency.

“I would rather have Obamacare than no care,” said Obama supporter Cassandra Stobbs, currently a student at Belmont College. “The president did not come from money. He had to work for everything he has.”

“He walked into a total mess when he took over from” President George W. Bush, said fellow Obama supporter Teresa Ricchetti. “We have to continue down the road to progress.”

“Romney’s record as a businessman is very impressive. He knows what it takes to get this economy turned around and create jobs,” said Albert Macre, an accountant and small business owner. “Most of the clients I serve in my accounting business are doing worse than they did four years ago. It is just time for a new direction.”

“We had to build our own business,” added Whatley. “The government didn’t build that for us.”

However, Ricchetti and Stobbs said Obama has plans to increase the availability of higher education, which they believe is key to moving the economy in the right direction.

“Every person in this country should be able to go to college. This is what the president is working for,” Ricchetti said.

“We have to stop shipping our jobs overseas,” added fellow Obama supporter Pam Wampler. “We have to create jobs in this country.”