Man Accused Of Looking At Boys In Restroom

TRIADELPHIA – The Ohio County Sheriff’s Department arrested Carl Wilczynski on Sunday after he allegedly committed multiple acts of voyeurism involving young boys in a retail store bathroom.

Ohio County Magistrate Joe Roxby arraigned Wilczynski, 72, of Mount Pleasant, Pa., on charges of entering without breaking and stalking Monday afternoon. He remained in the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville late Monday in lieu of $11,000 bond.

Management at a retail store at The Highlands complained to the sheriff’s department Sunday afternoon of a man who was staring at young boys, and sometimes following them into the restroom.

According to court documents, the man, later identified as Wilczynski, followed unattended boys into the restroom three or four times. When an employee followed Wilczynski into the restroom to observe his suspicious behavior, he reportedly witnessed Wilczynski watching a boy in the mirror.

A second employee told law enforcement he witnessed Wilczynski standing at a urinal next to a boy, and Wilczynski was looking over the partition at the boy’s genitals.

The sheriff’s deputy who reviewed video evidence said Wilczynski would look at the boys exiting the store and “eyeball them up and down and smile,” documents state.

Wilczynski confirmed the allegations employees reported to law enforcement, documents state. He also reportedly told the investigating deputy he served several years in an Idaho prison for a sex crime against a juvenile.

A preliminary hearing before an Ohio County magistrate had not yet been scheduled Monday. Wilczynski also had not yet been provided an attorney.