Marshall County Vote Canvass Continues

MOUNDSVILLE – The official vote canvass is under way in Marshall County, but Commissioner Jason “Jake” Padlow is not participating.

Padlow, who learned Saturday that he may not have won the race for his seat as initially reported, recused himself from the canvass after a delayed start. Set to begin at 10:30 a.m., the canvass was convened then immediately recessed until noon so Prosecutor Jeff Cramer could be present.

As soon as the canvass reconvened at noon, Padlow questioned whether seals on ballot bags had been broken Saturday. Pest confirmed that seals on bags containing PEBs, or personal electronic ballots, for each precinct in the county had been broken so “flash card” memory from voting machines could be retrieved from them. Padlow then recused himself from the process.

A hand count of two precincts was being held this afternoon. If its results match results from election night within 1 percent, the commission can begin to address 165 provisional ballots. If the results differ by a larger margin, all 45 precincts must be counted by hand.

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