Marshall School Officials Arrested

WHEELING – Police arrested Marshall County Schools Special Education Director Shelby Haines and John Marshall High School Principal Corey Murphy earlier this month after Haines allegedly struck a sign while driving intoxicated.

Haines, 38, of Wheeling has been charged with DUI. Murphy, 34, of Wheeling was issued a citation for failure to produce a driver’s license.

Officers responded to a hit and run report at the Stifel Fine Arts Center on National Road around 2:30 p.m. Nov. 10. Witnesses told officers that a woman driving a Jeep struck a sign in the building’s parking lot and then drove away in the direction of Laurel Avenue. Officers observed that the sign had been shattered, and there also was damage to a traffic sign, according to a police report.

Officers located the vehicle in front of Murphy’s home on Laurel Avenue. Murphy was in the driver’s seat and Haines was in the passenger seat, the report states. Both Murphy and Haines reportedly smelled of alcohol.

Murphy initially told officers he was driving the vehicle before changing his story and saying neither had been driving. Murphy failed a field sobriety test at the scene.

Officers reported they were unable to understand Haines due to her slurred speech. She held onto the frame of the vehicle’s door to hold her balance, the report states, and also failed a field sobriety test at the scene.

Both suspects were transported back to Wheeling police headquarters, where Haines allegedly admitted she was driving the vehicle. Murphy was cited and released to a sober individual, while officers began to transport Haines to the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville.

While en route, however, Ohio County Magistrate Patty Murphy, who is Corey Murphy’s cousin, called officers and instructed them to return Haines to Wheeling for the arraignment process. Patty Murphy today said following the arraignment process, she released Haines to Kelly Murphy, who is Corey Murphy’s sister and Patty Murphy’s cousin.

Patty Murphy denied any impropriety in the incident and said she treated Haines the same way she would treat anyone who was arrested for first offense DUI. She did say she requested officers not include her name in the police report.

Corey Murphy and Marshall County Schools Superintendent Fred Renzella had not returned calls at press time, while Haines declined to comment.