Water Woes Hit Parts Of City

WHEELING – Before Russell Jebbia and Wheeling Water Department workers even had time to repair an early Friday waterline break in Warwood, they received word of a problem with low water pressure in Elm Grove.

“It was a fairly busy morning,” said Jebbia, Wheeling Public Works director.

The situation left residents in sections of Warwood and Elm Grove with boil orders today.

“The majority of our problems just stem from the age of the lines,” he added, emphasizing many of Wheeling’s waterlines date back to the 1800s.

A boil order remains in effect for the Warwood area from North 23rd Street to the Pike Island Locks and Dam, as well as for 36 Clearview Ave. There is also a boil order in effect for residents near the Elm Terrace Shopping Center in Elm Grove, including those living on Crestview Drive from the intersection of Elm Crest Drive to the dead end of Crestview.

In Warwood, Jebbia said a 10-foot section of a highly pressurized 12-inch line broke in the area of North 23rd Street, creating what he termed a “huge mess.”

“The line there is fairly shallow. It may have been related to the changing temperatures, or it may not have been. It is just really hard to say,” he said.