Tardy School Has No Blame

MOUNDSVILLE – The wait continues for Marshall County residents wanting answers about why the new Cameron High/Middle School complex was completed more than14 months behind schedule and more than a half-million dollars over budget.

An investigation that was expected to be completed by today remains inconclusive, officials said.

After a Marshall County Board of Education meeting in early January, Superintendent Fred Renzella said an investigation was under way to determine accountability for the project delays. He said an additional person was brought in by the developers for the express purpose of investigating the issue.

Renzella said the person was working daily to determine accountability, producing documents that would prove who should be held responsible for what. At that time, Renzella said the investigation would be done no later than the end of February.

Assistant Superintendent Wayne Simms said in January that representatives from the school board, Project and Construction Services Inc. and McKinley and Associates would meet in February to review all change orders and time scheduling to figure out what got the project “so far out of gear.”

But as February draws to a close, board members said the investigation is still ongoing.

“We are aggressively pursuing it,” Renzella said Tuesday. “I’m not sure where it is just yet. We’re trying to work through some issues, but they just haven’t been resolved yet.”

Renzella mentioned that board member John Miller met with representatives of PCS on Monday and may have discussed the accountability issue with them. After the board of education meeting Tuesday, Miller said he had no comment. He stressed the importance of being cautious about pending legal matters.

“We are working on it,” board President Roger Lewicki assured residents. “We’re just not there yet.”

Nothing has been said yet regarding the possible legal or financial consequences for those parties found responsible for project setbacks.

Located along U.S. 250, the new school complex cost about $32 million. It originally was scheduled for completion in October 2011. The building was declared finished in December 2012, and students started classes there in January.