Rape Trial Day 3: McVey says Steubenville Schools Will Address Saccoccia Situation

STEUBENVILLE — Superintendent of Steubenville City Schools Michael McVey today responded to evidence presented on Thursday that suggested Steubenville football coach Reno Saccoccia would let the players involved in the Steubenville rape trial off lightly.

The coach “took care of it,” one of the defendants said in a text message introduced Thursday by prosecutors.

“Like he was joking about it so I’m not worried,” the defendant said in another text.

McVey said the district will wait until after the trial to comment. “We’ll get everything down that comes out of trial, look at it and go from there,” he said.

McVey said it’s possible Saccoccia could testify at the trial since he was interviewed earlier by state investigators, who also spoke to other football coaches and McVey himself.