Rape Trial Day 3: Third Witness Granted Immunity

STEUBENVILLE — Judge Thomas Lipps this afternoon granted immunity to a third witness testifying in the Steubenville rape trial.

As was the case with the day’s first two witnesses, this witness also testified during October’s probable cause hearing.

The 18-year-old witness, a senior at Steubenville High School, also invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination upon taking the stand today. Lipps granted immunity after the prosecution moved to compel testimony.

The witness, who is still on the stand, testified that he also was at the house party in Steubenville on Aug. 11-12. When he went to the second party house, he testified to seeing the two defendants helping the alleged victim in, her arms over their shoulders.

He testified the alleged victim threw up in the bathroom after entering the house, and later, when the party broke up, the witness saw the alleged victim on her hands and knees in the street, throwing up.

The witness testified he then went to the third house, where he witnessed a video made from another witness where one of the defendants exposed the alleged victim’s breasts.

Upon heading to the home’s downstairs area, the witness testified he saw the alleged victim naked, on her stomach and on the floor. He said she was motionless, silent and unresponsive as one of the defendants possibly sexually touched her.

The witness said he did attempt to stop one of the defendants, but was told not to worry about it, that everything would be fine.