Rape Trial Day 3: Witness Says Victim Left Party With Defendants

STEUBENVILLE — A 16-year-old girl who attends Steubenville High School said the victim in the ongoing Steubenville rape trial wanted to leave an August party with both defendants.

The witness told the court this evening that she saw the victim at the first in a series of parties, where she said the victim was drinking alcohol. When the witness arrived at a second party, she said, she again saw the victim, who was intoxicated. The witness testified she tried to persuade the victim to return to the first home where parties were being held, but the Weirton girl did not want to do so. Instead, the witness said, the victim wanted to leave the second party with two Steubenville High School student-athletes, both of whom later were accused of raping the girl.

The witness said she later saw the victim at a third home, sleeping under a blanket with one of the defendants. The witness did not, however, see the pair engaged in sexual contact. The following morning, the witness said, she helped the victim put some of her clothing back on.

Judge Thomas Lipps called a 10-minute recess in the case shortly after 8 p.m.