Rape Trial Day 4: Victim Remembers Waking Up Naked on Couch

STEUBENVILLE — The alleged victim in a juvenile rape case being tried in Steubenville testified today that she remembers very little about the night she allegedly was raped.

The Weirton girl told the court her mother dropped her off at a friend’s house Aug. 11. She and the friend then went to a party across the street. The girl admitted she brought a bottle of vanilla-flavored vodka that the girls mixed with slushies purchased from a gas station.

The alleged victim recalled taking a drink straight from the vodka bottle at least once but said she could have done so more than once. While drinking at that party, the girl said, she began to feel intoxicated. She also recalled walking out with the 17-year-old boy who is accused of raping her.

The girl also told the court she remembers waking up naked on a couch in another, unfamiliar house and having no idea where she was. She testified she didn’t ask anyone why she was naked because she was scared and embarrassed. She noted her underwear and earring were missing.

The girl said it was at this house that she first recalls seeing the second, 16-year-old defendant. She said she asked one of the defendants and another male what had happened, and they responded that they had been taking care of her.

The alleged victim also testified about text messages she exchanged with the 17-year-old defendant, as well as her visit to Weirton Medical Center after her parents learned of the alleged crime.

Testimony in the trial, which began Wednesday and is expected to continue at least through Sunday, will be ongoing throughout this evening.