Update: Williams Partners Addresses Cameron Gas Line Rupture

CAMERON – No one was injured when a natural gas pipeline ruptured near Cameron this afternoon, and the situation is now stable, according to Williams Partners, the company which owns the line. The incident forced the evacuation of homes along Reed Ridge.

Company spokesman Scott Carney issued the following statement:

“At approximately 12:20 (p.m.) today, our operations personnel detected a possible line rupture on a 24-inch pipeline near Cameron on Reed Ridge Road. Williams immediately shut down the affected pipeline and isolated the area of the rupture.

“We’re currently assessing the situation and investigating the cause of the rupture. As always, public safety is our top concern and we certainly appreciate the fast response of local emergency responders and law enforcement agents that assisted us in this effort.

“There was no fire and no ignition … it was a rupture of a line, and there were no injuries or third-party damages. … As we get more information, we’ll provide additional updates.”