Beavers Create Dam Mess at The Highlands

TRIADELPHIA – A recent inspection of a stormwater runoff pond at The Highlands revealed some beavers are making a home there and apparently are hindering the pond’s ability to do its job.

During a recent Ohio County Development Authority meeting, Administrator Greg Stewart, who also serves at the authority’s treasurer/secretary, said the authority has been working on reducing the number of outstanding state environmental permits at the site.

“We do have an issue with beavers on one of the ponds … we do have five or six ponds in that valley. That’s become an issue. We’ll have to address that this summer when it’s good and dry,” Stewart said, noting a beaver dam will have to be removed.

He said the ponds are inspected regularly by state officials, who discovered the beavers were building a dam. It started out small, but it is getting larger.

The beavers’ home pond, along with the others, are situated in a valley beside an undeveloped portion of the site. From an Interstate 70 perspective, the pond is located somewhere behind an old, dilapidated barn off the westbound lanes of I-70.