Ostrander Arraigned in Marshall County

MOUNDSVILLE — Accused flasher Brody R. Ostrander turned himself in to Marshall County law enforcement authorities about noon today, and shortly after was arraigned on $4,000 bond in Marshall County Magistrate Court by Magistrate Mark Kerwood, according to Sheriff’s Department officials.

Ostrander, 21, of Proctor is currently being processed for transport to the Northern Regional Jail. He is charged with indecent exposure and soliciting prostitution.

Ostrander was convicted of indecent exposure charges in three counties in 2011. He now faces charges in Marshall and Hancock counties after two separate incidents that allegedly occurred last month.

Hancock County officials arrested Ostrander March 23 and charged him with indecent exposure and possession of marijuana. Bond for that alleged offense was set at $6,000.

After posting bond, Ostrander was accused in a separate incident in Marshall County on March 29, allegedly exposing himself to two women in Moundsville. The women identified Ostrander from a photo lineup, and Ostrander was set to appear for questioning. However, after he failed to appear, a warrant was issued for his arrest, authorities said.

In 2010, Ostrander faced three counts of indecent exposure for the purpose of sexual gratification. He was dubbed the “Moundsville Flasher” following a series of incidents in January and March 2010.