Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty

SHERRARD – Marshall County Animal Control Officer James A. Noice received an anonymous complaint this week that Amber Conner was running a puppy mill at her Carrigan Drive residence in Sherrard.

The complainant said Conner had more than 20 small dogs, a few large dogs and goats on her property.

“I checked with the Marshall County Assessor’s Office and was advised that there was no record of Amber Conner having a current license for any dogs,” Noice states in the criminal complaint.

Two Marshall County sheriff’s deputies went to the residence with Noice on Monday. Noice said nobody was home, but when he knocked on the door he could hear at least a dozen small dogs barking. He said he saw two dogs chained to boxes outside the building and two more dogs running loose with four small goats.

The law enforcement officials got a search warrant based on Conner’s failure to register her dogs and returned to the residence. Noice said Conner returned at that time and admitted the officers.

“The woman cooperated with us 100 percent,” Noice said Wednesday.

According to Noice’s report, Conner had eight male chihuahuas in seven cat carriers, three puppies in a small cage together and 14 small female dogs in small cages and cat carriers. One mixed breed dog was found in another room.

“Twenty-four dogs in all were inside the house,” the complaint states. “All of these animals were wading in feces and urine. The odor in the house was intense.”

Altogether, Conner had 32 animals on her property, including the four larger dogs and four goats being kept in the yard.

Conner allegedly claimed to have a business license to sell the puppies and said she was told that a kennel license was not required of her. Noice said Conner signed custody of the animals over to the Marshall County Animal Shelter.

Conner was arrested after officers seized the animals Tuesday. She was charged with 24 counts of animal cruelty and 28 counts of failure to register dogs. She was lodged in the Northern Regional Jail pending arraignment.