Pair of Mayoral Races End in Ties

BETHLEHEM – There are new mayors in West Liberty, Windsor Heights and Middlebourne, while mayoral races in both Friendly and Hundred ended in ties during municipal elections held Tuesday.

There also was a tie between two candidates seeking council seats in Middlebourne. All results are unofficial until the votes are canvassed.

Wetzel County

– The race for mayor in the town of Hundred resulted in a tie late Tuesday evening between incumbent Mayor Charles A. Sine and current Councilman Charles Himelrick. Each received 36 votes.

Per the town’s charter rules, “When two or more persons shall receive an equal number of votes for councilperson or other town officer, such tie shall be decided by a runoff election, held between the persons receiving such equal number of votes.”

– Although running unopposed for mayor of Friendly, Jerry Hayes is tied with incumbent Mayor Bonnie Hostuttler, whose five write-in votes matched his five ballot votes received.

Other write-ins for mayor included William Shephard, with four; and Darla Steele, with three; while Brent Cox and Junior Ice each had one.

Five council seats were up for election in Friendly, and four incumbents were re-elected. Among incumbents, Betty Starkey had 19 votes; Janice Duff, 18; Sherri Travis, 18; and Darla Steele, 15. Sharon LeMasters, with 16 votes, takes the seat formerly occupied by William Shephard.

Mike Ice, Brent Cox and Cindy Jones received one write-in vote each for council.

– Charles Delauder will become the next mayor of Middlebourne after receiving 82 votes. Totals for write-ins included Chad Swiger with 19 and Pat Hess with one. Current Mayor Gayla Fisher did not seek re-election,

Four Middlebourne council members will keep their positions, but a fifth seat is still undetermined as two candidates tied.

Among the incumbents, Doug Doak received 75 votes; Vera Henthorn, 66; Rodney Miller, 63; and Dave Myers, 56. Newcomers Steve Roberts and Robert Jones each received 49.

The outcome could be determined when council canvasses the results June 17.

Other council candidates included Gary Patterson with 40 votes; Mike Thomas, 27; Susan Pelikan, 27; and Bradley Hayes, 12. There was one write-in for Pam Farhatt.

– As for Pine Grove’s election race, Roy Justice surpassed John Hurst with 77 votes in the race for mayor. Hurst, a write-in candidate, received a total of 39 votes. Justice is currently serving as mayor after being appointed by council.

The following were the top vote-getters in the race for five council seats – Brian Price, 90; David Williams, 77; Randy Street, 74; Eva A. Adams, 66; and Bonnie Martin, a write-in candidate, with 56. Other write-in candidates included David Heater, with 21 votes, while John Hurst, Kristi Earley and John Shatney each received one write-in vote.

OHIO County

– West Liberty Mayor Rosey Miller was defeated Tuesday by challenger Craig Conway. Conway captured 74 votes in the race, while Miller received 25.

– In Bethlehem’s only contested race, Recorder Donald Junkins defeated challenger Steve Gulajski, 226-170, to retain his post.

Junkins said he has been recorder in Bethlehem for the past 30 years.

– Residents in Valley Grove elected seven council members from among eight candidates. Top vote-getters included Patty L. Naumann with 50 votes; Darryl D. Nick, 44; Chad Kleeh, 42; John Harto, 40; Gerry L. Trager Sr., 40; Wilma Ferrell, 39; and Donna McCave, 30. Stephanie Brogan received 21 votes.


– In Follansbee, Mayor David Velegol Jr. defeated challenger Ben Arthurs, receiving 289 votes to Arthurs’ 97.

Police Chief John Schwertfeger also was re-elected. He received 55 votes, and his challenger Paul Arthurs took 23.

Vito “Skip” Cutrone is the new councilman in the 1st Ward, defeating Tom McMillan with a vote total of 52 to 10. Incumbent Jim Miller didn’t seek re-election.

In the 2nd Ward council race, Dave Secrist had 66 votes and Helen “Honey” Hedmond 31. Incumbent Tom DiBattista didn’t seek re-election.

– Wellsburg Police Chief Stanley Kins captured 324 to defeat challenger Rudy Sovinsky with 161.

In the 1st Ward, Councilman Bruce Hunter defeated challenger David Holden, 65-21. In the 2nd Ward, challenger Brian Tennant received 96 votes to defeat Councilman Ron Michaux, who had 52.

Charlie Harris is the new councilman representing the 4th Ward, where all the candidates were write-in candidates. He had 37 votes; Janet Knox, 29; Mark Williams, 18; and Virginia McAfee, 6. The incumbent, Jeff Tarr, didn’t seek re-election.

– Five members of council were selected in Bethany Tuesday. Receiving the most votes were Thom Furbee with 66; Helen Moren with 65; Pat Sutherland with 64; Ted Pauls with 60; and Gray Williamson with 48. Linda Chivers captured 44 votes, and Kerry Shaulis, 26.

– James Smith is the new mayor in Windsor Heights. He received 92 votes. Stacy Hornick captured 63 and incumbent Bill Liposchak, 10.

Residents elected five at-large council members. Herbert Hupp had 102 votes; Tuson Johnston, 101; Grace Davis, 91; Karen Clyne, 80; and Larry Boynes, 80.

Others in the council race were Judith Bartz, who received 74 votes; John Kokosinski, 59; Charles Miller, 72; and Brian Pollock, 16.