School Board OKs Raises

MOUNDSVILLE – School employees in Marshall County will receive a 3-percent pay raise during the upcoming fiscal year after the Marshall County Board of Education on Tuesday approved the salary scale for the 2013-14 school year.

According to Nan Hartley, business manager for the district, the raises are across the board on total pay and not just the county supplement to each contract. The only employees not receiving a raise are coaches who are not also teachers. Hartley said raises for those positions are based on a state scale, not a county scale. However, if a coach is also an employee of the district in another position, the raise will be added.

She said teachers at the Gateway Achievement Center will not receive the raise, as they are contracted through the Regional Education Service Agency in Ohio County.

In addition to regular personnel, Hartley said the pay scale for substitute teachers also will increase, as the formula is based on a percentage of the county pay scale.

The board met behind closed doors for 25 minutes to discuss specifics regarding the raises. Marshall County Board of Education President Roger Lewicki said those specifics included payroll procedures and individual personnel employees, as well as clarification of information requested from members of the board. Following that session, the board voted unanimously to approve the raises.

The raises will be paid for through additional funds gained from the county levy, which the board voted in April to keep at 98 percent. During discussions about keeping the rate the same, the issue of raises was cited several times as a possible use for the additional funds.

The county stands to take in an additional $5.7 million over the next fiscal year by keeping the levy rate the same, with the district operating on a $55.7 million budget for the year. The raises, which will be the first in 23 years in the county, are expected to total $1.3 million.

The next meeting of the Marshall County Board of Education is scheduled for 7 p.m. June 25 at the board offices on Fourth Street.