Upswing At Pair Of Ohio Casinos

CINCINNATI (AP) – Two of Ohio’s four casinos bounced back from significant revenue decreases in April and posted gains last month, while the other two continued to see drops in profits, according to a report released Friday by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.

Revenues at the state’s newest casino in downtown Cincinnati increased from about $17.8 million in April to just over $19.6 million in May. That’s a 10 percent increase, although still down about 6.6 percent from its opening month in March, when it raked in $21 million.

Cleveland’s casino gained slightly in May, with revenues of $20 million, compared with $19.9 million in April. That’s still down from $24.5 million in March.

The casinos in Columbus and Toledo continued to see drops in their revenues.

Columbus’ revenues fell to $16.7 million in May, a 7.4 percent drop from April and a 20 percent drop from March. In fact, May was the least profitable month at the Columbus casino since it opened in October.

Toledo’s revenues fell to $15.8 million in May. That’s a nearly 4 percent drop from April’s posting of $16.4 million and a more than 11 percent drop from its March revenues of $17.8 million.

But Toledo has seen worse. The casino was drawing under $15 million each month between October and February, with an all-time low of $13.6 million in November.

The four casinos opened within 10 months of each other starting a year ago in Cleveland and Toledo and ending in March with Cincinnati’s.