Hince, New Administration Team Take Over Marshall County Schools

MOUNDSVILLE – Michael Hince said his first official day on the job as the new superintendent of Marshall County Schools was equal parts exciting and eye-opening.

After being chosen to replace former superintendent Fred Renzella this year, Hince worked to learn as much as he could about the position and its responsibilities. Still, he said until the nameplate was changed on the office door and he spent his first day as the superintendent, he didn’t realize all that the job entails.

“There is a steep learning curve,” he told the Marshall County Board of Education on Monday following his official swearing-in.

That learning curve is something Hince said students in the district also face as he outlined his goals for the new administration. He was joined Monday by new Assistant Superintendent Corey Murphy and Curriculum and Instruction Director Woody Yoder.

“We want to emphasize that instruction is our biggest goal,” he told the board. “We don’t just want to be teaching information, we want to teach kids to think and analyze a problem and use their knowledge.”

Hince said the concept of “real world experience” will be heavily involved in the new administration’s direction, as will a new evaluation system for teachers and administrators. Hince said through tougher evaluation, he believes issues regarding why students are not succeeding will be clearly defined.

Marshall County Board of Education President Roger Lewicki said the board and the administration will sit down in the coming months and outline a list of goals and objectives they wish to accomplish for the upcoming school year.

Hince said his intention is to always keep student achievement and education at the forefront.

Education “should be our prime goal,” he said. “We will deal with lots of issues, some we didn’t anticipate, but the focus will stay here.”

Murphy and Yoder echoed Hince’s statements, saying a busy first day Monday was a sign of the work that will come.

“It didn’t seem like a first day,” Yoder said, adding the group has been working off and on over the past few weeks to prepare.

“If the rest of the time is as good as the first day was, I think we’re in great shape,” Murphy said.