Peebles Department Store Headed to Warwood Plaza

WHEELING – Work is under way to renovate space inside the Warwood Plaza to make way for a future Peebles department store.

City Councilwoman Gloria Delbrugge said the new store will be situated in the area formerly occupied by a hardware store. She said the plaza’s owner, R&T Real Estate, expects the shop to be open in time for Christmas shopping season – possibly in September.

Delbrugge, who lives in and represents Warwood, said she is looking forward the future retailer opening, as she believes the northernmost section of Wheeling needs a department store where residents can shop without having to drive or walk too far.

“The people in Warwood are excited. A lot of them don’t drive and some don’t like to drive up the hill to The Highlands or to the mall in St. Clairsville,” she said.

Delbrugge said residents who live in the high-rise apartments across the street noted they also are happy about the store. She noted she has shopped at the Peebles in Moundsville and likes what it has to offer.

“I think it will do well. It will have women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing and household items,” she said. “It’s quality stuff. It’s going to be a shot in the arm for us and the plaza.”

Delbrugge said the plaza, in general, is doing well. There is one space that needs to be occupied and is for lease. It was occupied previously by a Mexican restaurant.

“Now we need a restaurant,” she said.

The plaza is home to several other businesses, including a Kroger, a Dollar General, the Dancing Donut bakery, a police satellite office and more.

According to a classified advertisement, Peebles is seeking to hire a full-time store manager and assistant store manager.