TeleTech Closing To Hit Moundsville

MOUNDSVILLE – The Marshall County Commission and Moundsville City Council are working to lessen the impact of the loss of 260 area jobs with the announcement of the closing of TeleTech Customer Service Management this September.

TeleTech recently issued 90-day notices to its employees informing them of the location’s closing Sept. 20. Declining call volume, streamlined processes and changing business needs of clients were cited as reasons for the company closing operations in Moundsville.

According to Commissioner Brian Schambach, the county received a notice from TeleTech on Tuesday stating they are currently reaching out to employers in the Tri-State area to find jobs for as many displaced employees as possible, though Schambach said TeleTech has not yet directly contacted the county on how to move forward with the process.

“The workers at TeleTech were comprised of people from Marshall, Wetzel, Belmont and Ohio counties, so it’s multiple counties that will be affected, not just Marshall,” Schambach said. “We’re not sure of anything besides what was in the press release.”

Schambach said a monthly energy task force meeting with area gas and oil companies and the county commission will determine if there is a need for workers in the gas and oil industry. Otherwise, he said, the commission will expand the search to other surrounding counties in various job sectors.

“It’s 260 jobs and we’ll do our best to try and fill them and find out what’s opening in the gas industry,” he said. “We thought TeleTech would be with us in the foreseeable future as a corporate partner. We were surprised as their workers that they were pulling out.”

Mayor Gene Saunders believes the loss of TeleTech will not only hurt the financial status of the workers, but will also have a significant impact on the city’s revenue from the loss of the company’s B&O tax.

Although Saunders said he could not give exact figures on lost revenue from TeleTech, he estimated it could be thousands of dollars.

“When you lose a business of that caliber with the company employing over 100 people, that affects the B&O tax,” Saunders said. “It’s a big chunk of revenue.”

Saunders also noted if another business did not buy the portion of the building held by TeleTech, the city will lose those business taxes completely. He also said if Williams Partners, which currently uses part of the building for offices, chooses to take over the building, the city would not benefit. The building is owned and leased through the Regional Economic Development Partnership.

“We have asked Williams if they are taking over the building and they said as of right now they aren’t interested in the other side,” Saunders said. “If they were to buy the building to use as a warehouse, we wouldn’t get a dime as far as the B&O tax.”