Valley’s Brits Proud of Royal Tradition

WHEELING – Though she now calls the Friendly City home, British citizen Caroline Beckwith is proud her home country maintains its royal family.

Beckwith said the birth of a royal baby boy to Prince William and wife Kate on Monday continues the country’s lineage and tradition.

“It is viewed by many people as a very outdated institution, but I don’t think it needs to be changed. I still enjoy the fact that we have a royal family,” Beckwith said.

As Beckwith explained, the British monarch is both the head of state and the head of the Church of England. Beckwith said she would not want to live in an absolute monarchy, but she believes having the British Parliamentary system allows the country to maintain a balance of power in government.

“This is all very interesting for history buffs,” Beckwith said.

Joanna Merriman has lived in Wheeling for 10 years, maintaining dual citizenship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

“I am pro-royal family. I like William, and I was a big fan of his mother, Princess Diana,” Merriman said. “Hopefully, they have a healthy baby.”

Merriman said she took her daughter across the Atlantic Ocean to visit Great Britain earlier this summer. Stops on the tour included Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, both of which serve as residences for the royal family.

“I don’t see anything negative about them at all,” Merriman added regarding the royals.