Nardo Elected President of West Virginia Press Association

WHEELING – Newspapers remain key contributors to their communities and guardians of fundamental freedoms, members of the West Virginia Press Association were told Saturday by Perry A. Nardo, general manager of the Wheeling News-Register and The Intelligencer.

Nardo, a 32-year veteran of the newspaper industry, was elected president of the WVPA during its annual convention, held Thursday through Saturday at Oglebay Park. He will serve in the position for the coming year.

Daily and weekly newspaper members of the WVPA provide unique services to their readers, Nardo said in an interview. In-depth coverage of their communities, unmatched by any other medium, is available from newspapers, he pointed out. A variety of news – reliable and unbiased – also separates newspapers from television, radio and the Internet, he added.

Too much content available through primarily electronic media is opinion “cloaked as news,” Nardo explained. “For communities to grow, they have to be able to turn to newspapers and their websites to find an unbiased source of news, then turn to the opinion pages for a variety of viewpoints, and then make an educated decision on how they stand on issues,” he added.

Other media often “disguise their opinions as news and cover what drives ratings, not what is best for the communities they serve,” Nardo said in his speech at the WVPA convention.

But newspapers and their websites continue to be “the most-read medium in any community,” he added.

Nardo is an Ohio Valley native who grew up in Key, Ohio, and lives in Shadyside. He and his wife, Jayme, have three sons: Matthew, Bryan and Luke. “They’ve been very supportive of my career no matter where it has taken them,” Nardo stressed.

A member of the board of directors of the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce, Nardo also serves on the board of the Regional Economic Development Partnership. He is a member of the Ohio University Eastern Advisory Board. He also has been involved in coaching athletics at three different local high schools.

Nardo said his career in newspapers has been rewarding in part because of the industry’s importance. “But what I love about it is that we’re the only industry that every day produces a different product. No one else does that.”