Problem Buildings Will Be Destroyed

WHEELING – It appears some progress will be made to tear down two crumbling properties that are causing concern for some city residents.

City Building Codes Official Tom Wilson said 125 1/2 14th St., where the rear of the East Wheeling home has collapsed, will be demolished by the city using taxpayer dollars.

“The owner did apply for (Community Development Block Grant) funding to have it razed. She will be put on the list,” Wilson said.

Owner Mary Littleton, who is living with a relative in Moundsville, said she purchased the building for $400 from a friend, but she did not realize the poor condition of the building. The structure suffered two separate collapses this summer, causing concern for surrounding neighbors.

Since there is a multi-step process before CDBG money can be used, it could be some time before the building actually gets demolished. At last inspection by the city, however, the house was still considered in stable condition despite its appearance.

Meanwhile, another crumbling structure in South Wheeling that consists of two units – 111-113 31st St. – is expected to be razed by its owner, listed in Ohio County tax records as Thomas M. Isiminger. In this case, the entire back half of the property is completely exposed and looks as though someone sheared off an entire wall. One can see open rooms with furniture, papers and other items teetering on the edge.

“It’s under contract to be razed by a demolition contractor hopefully within the next month,” Wilson said.

That particular demolition job will have to be completed with extra care as it shares a second-floor common wall with another unit that is occupied.