Thief Hits DiCarlo’s Early This Morning

WHEELING – A burglar made away with about $400 this morning after he smashed a window at DiCarlo’s Pizza on Main Street and emptied one of the business’ cash registers.

An employee arriving for work at about 6:50 a.m. today alerted police to the break-in. One of the floor-to-ceiling glass panels on the north side of the building had been shattered, spilling glass into the lobby of the business and on the sidewalk.

Deputy Police Chief Martin Kimball said video surveillance shows the window was shattered at 3:07 a.m. The suspect waited about 30 minutes, however, to see if police would arrive before he entered the building.

The burglar pried open a register and emptied the cash drawer, and stole a change purse below the register before fleeing the scene, Kimball said. The suspect left the other register untouched.

The man was wearing a camouflage long-sleeve T-shirt and a hood, and was careful to avoid the camera, Kimball noted.

Owner Toni DiCarlo said an employee was fired from the business earlier this week. None of the employees working Tuesday night had experience closing the store, she added, and the alarm was not activated.

A plywood board was put in place to cover the opening in the building’s facade.

A new window must be ordered, and will take about a week to arrive, DiCarlo said.

This is the second time in less than a year that particular window has been shattered. About nine months ago, a drunk driver leaving the adjacent parking lot backed into the glass. No one was injured in that incident.