Another School Levy On Ballot

SHADYSIDE – Village school officials are going all-out to promote passage of a five year, 4.61-mill levy on the Nov. 5 ballot.

During this week’s meeting, Superintendent John Haswell showed board members a brochure promoting the levy along with a new website,, where questions about the levy’s financial impact can be answered.

The closure of the R.E. Burger Plant has led to reduced tax revenue for the district, about $733,000 annually. To deal with this, open staff positions have remained unfilled, and the superintendent and principal position were combined to save money, Haswell said.

Haswell said he plans to hold a town hall meeting in October to discuss the levy.

The Shadyside school district has an annual budget of about $6 million. The levy, if approved, is expected to generate about $365,000 annually.

Haswell has said the average home in Shadyside is valued at $85,000. Based on that figure, the levy would cost the average homeowner $137.15 a year, or $11.42 per month, he added.

He presented figures showing that in fiscal year 2008, Shadyside Local schools had a general fund budget of $6.44 million, and expenditures of $5.78 million. Haswell compared this to projections for fiscal 2014, when the district is expected to have a general fund budget of $5.57 million and expenditures of $6.16 million.

The district employs 75, including 50 teachers, according to Haswell.