Arrest Video Wanted

STEUBENVILLE – The former president of the Steubenville Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the city mayor, law director and police chief for a police arrest videotape he claims shows police brutality.

Royal Mayo made his public request during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

“I personally witnessed the incident on Sept. 12 and I never saw anything like it,” Mayo said. “The police officer threatened to shoot a black man two times.”

Mayo submitted the request to Mayor and Acting City Manager Domenick Mucci. Mucci said he will be “happy to review the tape with the law director and police chief and look at all facts of the alleged incident.”

In another matter, council met for 25 minutes in executive session to discuss, “accelerating the search for a new manager” following last week’s decision by the final city manager candidate to turn down the Steubenville job and take a similar position in Kansas.

Seven people have filed applications for the city manager’s job and 3rd Ward Councilman Greg Metcalf is anticipating more interest in the job as the second round of advertising and interviews for the vacant post gets under way.

“The deadline for the applications is Oct. 11 and we will sit down on Oct. 14 to start reviewing the applications,” Metcalf said. “And this time we will involve the citizens committee in the telephone interview process. That will give the citizens committee more information as we all prepare to narrow the list of applicants for the face-to-face interviews.”

Members of council had offered the manager job to Gerald C. Smith 10 days ago, but after reviewing the job offer from Steubenville and an offer from Junction City, Kan., Smith accepted the Kansas position.

The search for a new city manager started after former City Manager Cathy Davison resigned from the job in May, ending her 38-month tenure. Under the terms of the charter, Mucci will continue serving as acting city manager until someone is hired for the position.