Police Say Man Made Grenade Threats

MOUNDSVILLE – Wheeling police arrested city resident Duncan Waitts late Sunday after he allegedly threatened to have a “grenade strapped on me” the next time an officer saw him.

Magistrate David Buzzard arraigned Waitts Monday on a felony charge of making terrorist threats against a police officer.

Waitts, 37, of Wheeling subsequently posted $7,500 bond and he was released from the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville.

Waitts was “hostile” when Wheeling police responded to a call of a disorderly group of people at 14th and Wood streets Sunday night, court documents state. He made “aggressive gestures” toward police and clinched his fists.

He also verbally chastised officers, according to the criminal complaint, telling them that they couldn’t do anything to him while he was on his mother’s property.

Officers warned Waitts that if he did not calm down he would be arrested regardless of where he was standing. Police circled the block and returned to the area to find Waitts standing on the sidewalk. He allegedly yelled at officers again, and his mother reportedly tried to intercede when police handcuffed him.

At the jail, Waitts was “belligerent” and threatened other inmates. He reportedly told a disorderly female inmate who was restrained in a chair that he was going to have sex with her and force the woman to perform a sex act on him, the criminal complaint states.

The jail nurse refused to admit Waitts because his blood pressure was too high.

He was transported to Reynolds Memorial Hospital, where he continued to act defiantly.

Waitts refused to answer questions from the hospital staff and would make “a buzz sound and tell them ‘wrong answer’ when they would speak with him,” court documents state.

He then told one of the arresting officers that he was going to have sex with the officer’s wife. Waitts told the other officer he was going to have sex with the officer’s cat and if he ever saw the officer out of uniform he would “smoke him.”

One of the officers who arrested Waitts returned to the jail later that night with another prisoner. “I’m tired of seeing you,” Waitts allegedly told the officer. “The next time I see you all I will have a … grenade strapped on me.”

A preliminary hearing in the case had not yet been scheduled on Monday, nor had Waitts been appointed an attorney to represent him.