Bridgeport Man Charged in Death Of 2-Year-Old Boy

BELLAIRE – A Bridgeport man was arrested and charged with aggravated murder in connection with the death of a 2-year-old.

Ian Jarrell, 27, was in the Belmont County Jail Wednesday. He is charged in the death of Conner Matthew Caprita. Bellaire Police Chief Michael Kovalyk offered few details on the investigation Wednesday, but confirmed Jarrell is being charged.

On Oct. 1, Kovalyk and Lt. Donna Baroch were dispatched to Belmont Community Hospital in Bellaire at the request of hospital officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Caprita.

After an investigation involving Bellaire police, the sheriff’s department, the Department of Job and Family Services and the county coroner’s office, Jarrell was arrested and charged with aggravated murder.

Jarrell was living with his girlfriend in an apartment at 700 41st St. at the Francis Wallace Apartment Complex.

Neffs Fire Department officials responded on Oct. 1 to transport Caprita to the nearby medical facility.

“Neffs Fire Department and the medical staff did everything they could to try to save this young child,” Kovalyk said. “It’s an unfortunate tragedy. These cases are much harder. We’ve not had much sleep since this has occurred. It’s always tragic when a 2-year-old is taken from us.”

Kovalyk would not go into details of the investigation and would not comment on whether the boy’s mother would face any charges. The cause of death was not released.