Mine To Close At End Of The Year

BRILLIANT – The RedBird West Mine in Jefferson County will close at the end of this year, OhioAmerican Energy announced Wednesday.

The mine, located west of Brilliant, had been tabbed for closure last year by its owner, Robert Murray, who is CEO of Murray Energy Corp. OhioAmerican Energy is a subsidiary of Murray Energy.

Murray Energy spokesman Gary Broadbent said the closure will impact 42 coal miners, but said the workers will be transferred to other Murray operations instead of being laid off. Murray operates the Century Mine near Beallsville and the Powhatan No. 6 mine.

“Because of the depletion of mineable coal reserves and coal market losses, OhioAmerican Energy Inc. operations will be suspended at the end of 2013,” the company stated via a press release. “Most of the work force will continue to work at the OhioAmerican site performing mined land reclamation through July.”

The RedBird mine originally had 239 employees when it opened in 2007, but officials said that market conditions reduced demand for the coal.

The facility is located just west of the coal-fired American Electric Power coal-fired Cardinal Plant.