Hotel Expansion Moves Forward

WHEELING – Members of Wheeling City Council’s Development Committee on Wednesday approved a Corliss Terrace lane abandonment/relocation request associated with expansion of the Hampton Inn in Woodsdale.

Upon a recommendation by City Manager Robert Herron, Mayor Andy McKenzie and Vice Mayor Gene Fahey agreed to send the measure to City Council for a full vote. Councilwoman Gloria Delbrugge, who also sits on the committee, was absent Wednesday.

Tom Connelly, assistant director of the city’s Economic and Community Development Department, said the recommendation will appear on the Dec. 3 council agenda in the form of minutes from Wednesday’s meeting. The first reading of an ordinance could occur at the Dec. 17 council meeting and a second reading on Jan. 7.

Connelly said as a condition of the abandonment, the hotel will develop a new road to Corliss Terrace approximately 75 feet away from the current road’s location. This will allow for parking to accommodate the Hampton’s expansion, a sports court and a pick-up/drop off area.

Previously, Hampton owners received approval from the Wheeling Planning Commission to expand the parking area at its hotel on Park Road in the Woodsdale area. Also, the Board of Zoning Appeals approved a zoning variance to allow the hotel to expand from five to seven stories.

Kayafas Architects is designing the proposed $5 million to $6 million expansion project.

The plans call for relocation of a proposed receiving area, a softening of the curve leading up to the private drive on the new Corliss Terrace Road, as well as additional landscaping to serve as a buffer between the homes and the hotel’s maintenance building and garbage pickup area.

Officials have said that the relocated Corliss Terrace Road would rise about 3 feet in elevation over a length of roughly 200 feet from Park Road to its connection with Corliss Avenue. Connelly acknowledged he did not have specifics on lighting fixtures, but assured commission members they would comply with city code.

The project has met opposition from residents of Corliss Avenue, which is located on a hill adjacent to the hotel property. Residents there claim the expansion will affect their views, property values and ingress and egress to their street.

— Joan Berlow-Smith of 4 Park Road #2 – Concerned with traffic congestion on Park Road between Country Day School and WesBanco.

— Jan Coulling of 2 Corliss Terrace – Concerned with increasing number of access points onto Park Road, ability to navigate private road in inclement weather, safety vehicle access.

— Daniel and Sylvia McNeil of 4 Park Road Apt. 5. – In favor of development as long as driveway access onto Park Road from condominiums is unchanged.

— Doug Huff of 4 Corliss Ave. – Objects to the request with concerns about traffic congestion and safety, lack of parking for oversized vehicles, emergency vehicle response time, setting a precedent, no parking gained from road removal, devaluation of property claiming an unlawful taking, project alternatives and the integrity of neighborhood.

— Jean Huff of 4 Corliss Terrace – Objects to the request with concerns over devaluation of property, issues with design of proposed development and new road, setting a precedent, favoring commercial development over residential neighborhoods and tour bus parking.