Mason Won’t Run In 2014

MOUNDSVILLE – Marshall County Commissioner Donald K. Mason will not seek re-election in 2014.

The current commission president announced at Tuesday’s meeting that he decided over the weekend not to be a candidate in next year’s primary election.

“There have been rumors that I would seek re-election, but until this morning these had been rumors,” he said. “Sunday afternoon I was sitting at home when I decided that it was time to give someone else the opportunity to be a commissioner. It was not any easy decision.”

Mason said he informed his family of his decision, and they were supportive. He added while he would love to stick around to see the completion of many projects, he knows the work is never ending.

“The county is involved in numerous undertakings, and I would have liked to see them to their completion, but I know once we would complete one project others would be undertaken, and thus it would be an on-going thing,” he said.

Mason, a retired banker, has used his banking knowledge in preparing yearly budgets, the reviewing of contracts and other matters pertaining to finance. A Republican, he first ran for public office in 1986, which was for the seat vacated when Robert Myers moved from the county. He assumed his duties Nov. 17, 1986.

The other two commissioners in 1986 were Howard L. “Biggie” Byard and the late Donald Krupica. Byard was a member of the commission for some 30 years, the longest serving commissioner. When Mason completes his current term on Dec. 31, 2014, he will have served 28 years, making him the second-longest serving commissioner.

When told by Mason that he would not be a candidate in the May primary, both commissioners Brian Schambach and Bob Miller expressed thanks to Mason for the help he had given them since they became commissioners.

The seat to be vacated by Mason is for the Second Magisterial District.