Woes Pile up for Cameron School

CAMERON – School has been in session at Cameron High School for almost a full semester, but school employees are still reporting issues with the new building.

During a presentation from the school’s Local School Improvement Council at Tuesday’s Marshall County Board of Education meeting, employees reported a leaking roof, a faulty Internet server and the absence of instruction manuals for the school’s operations remain a problem for the school.

Teacher Whitney Healy, who presented these problems to the board, said there are roof leaks in a classroom and in the auditorium, where the new stage floor is already warping in some places due to water coming in.

“When we get a heavy rain or that heavy snow that is imminent, we are getting leaks in classrooms,” Healy said. “There are some classrooms down the hall from me where they have to put out trash cans. Not only is our entire auditorium stage slowly (deteriorating), but we want that to be used for everyone in the future, and that floor is beautiful and it’s already warping.”

At the beginning of the school year, Superintendent Michael Hince cited roof leaks as an ongoing issue, noting the school’s rubberized roof can be easily nicked during any work done on the roof. He noted in those instances, a roofer is required to fix those issues.

Assistant Principal Wyatt O’Neil also reported officials would like to have reference handbooks for the school’s operating systems, including the key scan system, cameras, light system, sound systems in the gym and the main building and the ice melt system.

“The one that stands out to me is what if our key scan malfunctions and what happens if our camera system malfunctions,” Healy said. “Those are two big things. If we had a binder of sorts, someone could at least fight their way through figuring it out.”

Board President Roger Lewicki said the board will meet with Project and Construction Services Inc. this week and will discuss the need for system manuals in the building.

Additionally, school officials reported the Internet server routinely malfunctions, which is disrupting instruction time and distracting teachers. Healy noted teachers have problems connecting computers to printers and some math labs often cannot access material from the computer. She said much of the math classes are computer-based and teachers will often have to scramble to print out materials when the server fails. She said the school is concerned the lack of a reliable server is not letting the school meet the students’ needs and recommended the board look into hiring an information technology staff member to help with the issues for both Cameron High and Cameron Elementary schools.

“Technology is moving so quickly, with the level of implementation of new technologies I really think there will need to be more IT people than the two we have in the county,” board member Lori Kestner said. “I think between the two schools, we would have plenty of need and use for an IT person.”