Deer Killed With Spear In Grand Vue Park

MOUNDSVILLE – Law enforcement agencies have stepped up patrol at Grand Vue Park after three deer were found dead on the property in the past few days.

According to Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Cecil, one of the deer was apparently killed by a spear that was found in the area. Cecil said the spear apparently did not kill the deer, but did wound the animal to such an extent that it later died. The sheriff’s department took the spear as evidence.

Two additional deer were found dead, apparently shot from a nearby roadway. Cecil said the killings are somewhat unusual in that the suspects left the deer on the property. Cecil said two of the deaths occurred not too far from roadways running through the park, while the other was in a closed-off area.

“In the past, we have learned of hunters straying onto the 650 acre park and after shooting the deer had removed it,” he said.

Cecil said the Department of Natural Resources is overseeing the investigation with support from his department and State Police.

Grand Vue Park Manager Craig White informed members of the Marshall County Commission about the deaths during the commission’s meeting Tuesday. He said park personnel are monitoring different areas of the park.

“Grand Vue is a county park, and hunting is not permitted,” he said. “We will not tolerate firearms or bows and arrows. We have people walking on our trails and in other areas of the park, and we must and will provide for their safety.”