Drug Suspect Stabbed Himself

WHEELING- Less than two days after being released on bond for federal drug charges stemming from a 14-month investigation, Brian Steven Schultz stabbed himself with a box cutter and attempted to fight with an Ohio County sheriff’s deputy and a State Police trooper.

Schultz, 37, of 95 Dimmick Way, Triadelphia, is now facing state charges of battery on an officer and obstruction of justice following a late Thursday encounter along U.S. 40 near the entrance ramp to Interstate 70 west at Junior Avenue.

A sheriff’s department report states deputies were dispatched to Schultz’s home Thursday evening after a caller reported her husband had stabbed himself with a box cutter. While en route, Cpl. John Haglock learned the caller instead decided to take Schultz to a Wheeling hospital.

“I was in the area of National Road near Middle Creek Garage’s car storage area when I noticed a white vehicle come past me at a high rate of speed; and the driver honked her horn attempting to gain my attention,” Haglock wrote in his report.

He said when he caught up with the speeding car and attempted to speak with the occupants through his open driver side window, a man whom he recognized as Schultz exited the vehicle and punched him in the arm and shoulder area, through the cruiser window. Schultz then allegedly tried to get into the cruiser through the passenger side window.

Trooper Keith Castle arrived on scene, as did a Triadelphia EMS unit. When Schultz allegedly refused to comply with orders to get on the ground, and faced officers in a “combative stance,” Castle used a metal baton to strike Schultz in the lower leg area. Haglock said the strike had no effect on Schultz.

Schultz then allegedly threw his wallet and a cigarette lighter at Castle. The lighter reportedly struck Castle in the forehead and left a red welt.

“I then pepper sprayed Mr. Schultz, once off to the side and one direct hit to the eyes,” Haglock said. “Mr. Schultz was taken to the ground with a leg sweep by trooper Castle; and Mr. Schultz was taken into custody, handcuffed behind his back … without further incident.”

Haglock said extremely windy conditions caused the pepper spray to float back into his face and into Castle’s face. Haglock reported that the spray caused both of his eyes to swell shut while en route to the hospital, and he had to park his cruiser on the westbound lane of Interstate 70 and ride to the hospital with Castle.

Haglock said Schultz was treated for a self-inflicted stab wound to the left upper chest with a box cutter that had an approximate 3-inch blade that had broken off inside the wound. Haglock was treated for the swelling in his eyes.

The federal drug investigation into Schultz started in October 2012. According to the criminal complaint against him filed in U.S. District Court in Wheeling, members of the Ohio Valley Drug Task Force learned, through several confidential informants and their own surveillance, that Schultz was allegedly supplying prescription pain pills to others in the area for sale. Schultz allegedly received his pill supply from Michigan, according to the complaint.

One of the people Schultz allegedly supplied, according to the complaint, had the initials of “KF” and lived on Webster Avenue in Wheeling. Last week, federal agents arrested Ritchie Elementary School counselor Kristyn Fetcko of Webster Avenue on drug charges.

U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld said he had been advised of the encounter between Schultz and law enforcement but he has not seen the report.

As part of his bond agreement, Schultz was ordered to not commit any offense in violation of federal, state and local laws while on release.

Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler declined to comment on the case other than to say Deputy Haglock remains on the job.

Schultz is scheduled to appear in federal court at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 10 for his initial appearance on the drug counts.