Bullets Hit Law Office, Parked Car

WHEELING-Some of the 16 bullets fired Monday on Eoff Street struck a law office across the street from Wheeling Central Catholic High School and a van parked across from the Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Wheeling police Detective Sgt. Greg Mckenzie said investigators are still piecing together information about the shooting.

“We will be looking at video surveillance tapes from cameras located in the neighborhood,” he said.

A police department press release reported that officers responded to an 11:58 p.m. Monday call regarding shots being fired in the area of the Formosa Apartments at 1307 Eoff St.

The report confirmed there had been no reported victims.

The report said some officers responding to the scene were advised that the suspect’s vehicle identified by witnesses had left the scene and had gone toward East Wheeling. They located the vehicle and arrested Kadijah Irvin of Wheeling, within 20 minutes of the initial call.

She is charged with driving while suspended, failure to carry an operator’s license, expired registration and possession of marijuana. She was not charged with the shooting.

“She denied any involvement in the shooting,” McKenzie said. “The car was towed to Ace Garage and will undergo further examination.”

Police determined 16 shots had been fired. Two bullets entered the law offices of Phillips, Gardill, Kaiser & Altmeyer at 14th and Eoff streets, and four struck the van.

Attorney Chris Gardill said one bullet entered through back office window and struck a filing cabinet and table near an attorney’s desk.

“A second one went through a steel entrance door and imbedded in a wall of my office,” he said.

Catholic Schools Superintendent Vincent Schmidt said nobody was in the high school building at the time of the shooting and there was never any threat to any students.

“I have no doubt that the security of our school is first rate,” he said. “The safety of our school is our highest priority. We have a security person in the school throughout the day. I am confident this was a random act and will be handled by the Wheeling Police Department as they always do to assure our students’ safety and security.”

Schmidt said there appears to be no damage to the building.