Burned While Cooking Meth

MOUNDSVILLE – The Marshall County Drug Task Force arrested Donavon R. Borders, 30, Friday after a week-long investigation in which officers found materials used to make methamphetamine in garbage bags outside Borders’s former home on Center Street.

According to the criminal complaint, officers used an investigative tool known as a trash pull Thursday at 1703 Center St. after officers received information Borders had been burned while cooking meth.

Materials found in the trash included a plastic container with a white powdery residue, a plastic funnel, used latex gloves, empty cans of charcoal lighter fluid, two empty pseudoephedrine packs and other materials instrumental in the production of meth.

Officers also found a check stub with the name of Donavon Ross Borders and three pairs of burnt blue jeans. Officers believe Borders was using a one-pot or shake and bake method of production, in which the chemicals are mixed by shaking them in the bottle.

That process is particularly prone to bursting into flames. The chemical reaction produces a crystalline powder that users smoke, snort or inject. They then discard the bottle, which contains a poisonous brown and white substance.

After serving a search warrant for the Center Street address, officers discovered through neighbors that Borders had moved to an apartment on Second Street. While searching the house, officers recovered more evidence including a white salt-like substance and a lye-like substance on the kitchen table, a medicine cup with a white waxy type of substance, a pay stub for Donavon Borders, a compressed air cylinder and a jug of red lye sink cleaner in the bathroom, among other items.

Borders was found at 1811 Second St. and was arrested for violating bond conditions on a domestic battery charge and transported to the Moundsville Police Department.

In an interview with police, Borders said he cooked a couple of grams of meth at a time. Beginning a few months ago, he began cooking once a week. Borders allegedly sent his live-in girlfriend to buy ingredients numerous times, and would make several weeks’ worth of meth at a time. Borders claimed he did not sell the drug, but had been a meth addict since he was 19 years old.

Borders admitted he had been cooking meth in his bathroom recently when the bottle exploded and caught on fire. Officers observed a red mark under his eye, which Borders said was caused by a piece of lye that had burst from the bottle.

According to the report, Borders moved to West Virginia in 2012. He told officers, “Moundsville was full of pill heads and he did not like pills, he liked methamphetamine.”

Borders was charged with operating a clandestine drug laboratory for methamphetamine. Bond was set at $10,000.