Councilman Blocks Truck

MOUNDSVILLE – Councilman Phil Remke is so serious about keeping wide-load trucks out of places in Moundsville they are not supposed to be that he pulled out in front of one to stop it while traveling near the intersection of Seventh Street and Grant Avenue on Friday – a situation that prompted a police response.

“It was carrying a huge backhoe. It went from First Street to Seventh Street on Grant Avenue. It was supposed to turn at Fourth Street, but just kept right on going,” he said.

Remke said he pulled his car in front of the vehicle to prevent it from traveling an unauthorized route.

“We have to let them know that we are here and that we are not going to let them just run over us,” he said. “The big suckers are ruining the streets.”

Remke believes most of the large trucks are transporting equipment and supplies to or from natural gas industry sites, such as well pads, compressor stations, processing plants or pipeline installations. He said most of those he sees traveling unauthorized routes regularly carry heavy equipment or pipe that he believes is used in the industry.

“A lot of our streets are in bad shape now, and they are getting worse,” he said. “The main problem is that we need bigger, more visible signs to let them know what streets they should be on.”

In February, an 8-foot-deep sinkhole developed on the Jefferson Avenue Extension portion of U.S. 250. Moundsville Sanitary Superintendent Larry Bonar said bricks on the side of a manhole for a sanitary collection line collapsed, resulting in the sinkhole.

“We can’t afford to have another sinkhole. That would cost us some big bucks,” Remke said.

During the April 15 City Council meeting, Remke told fellow members that some truckers are “taking up the whole stinking avenue.” He said he wants the city’s Traffic Committee to consider developing more stringent regulations – and installing more visible signs.

“I have some ideas as to how we could improve the situation, but others may have different ideas,” he said. “I just think the issue needs to be raised.”