Extradition Will Be Appealed

WHEELING – Judge James Mazzone on Wednesday ordered Charles Severance be extradited back to Virginia – and then granted a stay of extradition to give defense attorneys time to file an appeal with the state Supreme Court.

Mazzone’s decision to extradite Severance came in a morning hearing in which he granted public defender Shayne Welling one hour to discuss an appeal with his client before having Severance turned over to authorities for his return to Virginia on a warrant charging him as a felon in possession of a firearm. The stay of extradition decision came when the court reconvened a little more than an hour later, when Mazzone gave Welling until April 30 to file his intention to appeal.

Mazzone said he had little choice other than to grant the stay because once Severance is removed from the state, the appeal would become a moot point.

After the hearing, Welling said his notice of intent to appeal will ask the high court to stay the extradition and grant 30 days to file an appeal. If the court decides to hear the case, final disposition may not come for several months.

In the meantime, at the request of Prosecutor Scott Smith, Severance will be held without bond at the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville.

Police arrested Severance on March 13 at the Ohio County Public Library as a fugitive from Loudoun County, Va. Welling and Smith have since filed multiple motions in the case.

Welling has argued that Severance’s arrest in Wheeling was only a means to allow Alexandria, Va., authorities time to build their case against Severance in the murders of three people.

Smith contended the arrest was valid and Severance should be sent back to Virginia to answer the gun charges.

During the hearing, Severance sat upright in his chair with his arms at his side and eyes staring straight ahead. His parents sat behind him several rows back in the gallery. The parents, whose names were not available, later resisted a rush of reporters seeking comment. Smith escorted them out of the building away from the reporters.

Public defender Meagan Kircher called Wheeling Knights Inn manager Anand Patel to the witness stand to establish that Severance was in Wheeling hours before a warrant for his arrest was issued in Loudoun County, Va.

It was part of the defense argument that Severance was not a fugitive from justice and that his arrest in Wheeling was sham and pretext to get Severance into police custody so Alexandria authorities could grow their murder case against him. Smith held that the defense did not meet its burden to show cause to deny the extradition.

Smith said the case met a four-point requirement that the defendant was in the requesting state at the time of the crime, that a crime occurred, that Severance is identified as the man named in the warrant and that the extradition paper work was in order.

In the end, Mazzone agreed with Smith and denied Welling’s request to release Severance from custody and grant him asylum in West Virginia.