Hoodies Banned In Class

Spitting on the floor, stealing food and using electronic cigarettes in school have prompted administrators at Beallsville High School to ban students from wearing hoodies in the classroom.

Students were hiding numerous items in their hoodies and school officials are trying to prevent them from using rubbing tobacco or electronic cigarettes in class.

Students also were reported to be spitting the rubbing tobacco on the carpet in the classrooms.

“The students don’t agree with this, but they know why we are doing it,” Beallsville Principal Rebecca Hilverding said. “We have very respectful students here.”

This new rule is directed more at juniors and seniors, officials.

According to Hilverding, the issues with the hooded sweatshirts – or hoodies – started in December. Students were warned to stop spitting sunflower seeds on the floor and not to take additional food from the cafeteria. Students were taking extra food at breakfast and hiding it in their hoodies.

With students taking the extra food, often times there was not enough food for other students. Hilverding also received complaints from janitors about wrappers and trash on the floor.

One problem that Hilverding pointed out was that, with the overcrowding in the classrooms, it was hard to catch which students were doing it.

Students can wear hooded sweatshirts to school but must take them off and place them in their locker during class. Violating the hoodies rule could result in warnings, write-ups and in-school suspension.