Sheriff Cracks Down On Trucks

MOUNDSVILLE – Marshall County sheriff’s deputies have been on the lookout this week for large and oversized trucks failing to obey the rules of the road.

According to Marshall County Chief Deputy Bill Helms, the sheriff’s department has been targeting several specific areas of the county’s roads law enforcement believes have a large number of oversized trucks speeding, driving left of center or driving without pilot cars.

The department has recently reported numerous problems from large trucks traveling narrow and winding roads and has been taking measures to combat the problem, such as putting up a sign at the beginning of Fork Ridge Road warning drivers to stay off that road. Periodically increasing traffic patrol in targeted areas is another effective way to address the issue, Helms said.

“We keep track of where complaints are coming from and it ranges from oversized vehicles, speeders and other traffic issues,” Helms said. “It’s an intensive enforcement area where deputies will go out and try to get things under control.”

According to Helms, whenever the sheriff’s department targets a certain area, truck conduct on that road improves quickly.

“We’ve had great success with this,” Helms said. “Truck conduct on the road has improved. It’s not long-lasting, so you have to keep going, but it definitely improves when drivers start seeing the deputies.”

Deputies are especially focusing on Big Grave Creek Road since the office has received a large number of complaints from that area lately.

Helms said W.Va. 88 in Sherrard has been a problem area in the past as well.

He said receiving traffic complaint calls from the public is vital in identifying areas where trucks might be problem.

“If people don’t call, we don’t know where to send the guys,” Helms said. “It’s a big concern. We are trying to slow them down.”

To report traffic violations, the public is encouraged to call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 304-843-1500.