Woman Falls From Balcony

MOUNDSVILLE – A Moundsville woman died Monday after falling from her third floor apartment balcony at the Helfer Pavilion on 10th Street.

Moundsville Police Sgt. Donald DeWitt said Kay Laraine McCracken, 63, was transported to Reynold’s Memorial Hospital following the accident where she was later pronounced dead.

Moundsville police dispatchers said they received the call at about 4:15 p.m. After talking with a witness, police said McCracken hit a balcony partition on the way down. Investigators said it appeared she was cleaning at the time of the incident.

DeWitt said the fall is being considered an accident and no foul play is suspected. After speaking with some of the woman’s family members, police believe McCracken had heart conditions that may have caused her to stumble from the balcony.

“We are still getting all the reports together and conferring with the medical examiner for the cause of death,” Sgt. Rob Wolfe said. “We believe she may have been having a heart attack.”

Staff Writer Casey Junkins contributed to this report.