City Tracking Trucks, Dog Waste

MOUNDSVILLE – City Councilman Phil Remke wants visitors to respect Moundsville, but also wants to make sure they do not find themselves walking through piles of pet waste.

Remke said during the Tuesday council meeting the city should install signage along Jefferson Avenue that alerts dog owners that they can be fined $500 for leaving dog waste on the street or sidewalk.

Although fellow council members voted to allow Remke’s recommendation to proceed for consideration by a committee, Councilwoman Ginger DeWitt said this may not solve the problem.

“Dogs are not going to read your signs,” she said. “I just think your money would be better off spent somewhere else.”

Remke then asked police Chief Thomas Mitchell if drivers of wide load trucks traveling through the city that do not have escort trucks are being fined.

“Just because it says wide load does not mean it needs an escort truck,” Mitchell said.

Later, Councilman Paul Haynes asked Mitchell if he could do anything about an array of junk cars scattered throughout the city. Mitchell said officers respond to calls and write citations for these vehicles when prompted.

Council’s next regular meeting is set at 7 p.m. May 20 in council chambers at the Municipal Building, 800 Sixth St.